internet of things

What are the advantages of IoT and Applications in The Real Life?

internet of things

What are the advantages of IoT and Applications in The Real Life?

Leall_Wita 2019-12-25

Even your clever TV or a gaming console is a part of the Internet of Things that is keeping in mind of your habits, choices and use and operating at the backend to deliver you more personalized experience. Let’s discuss few advantages of IoT.

Driverless Cars

Among the most futuristic applications and pros of Internet of things is the self-governing car. These cars that look like an item from the near future really exist today and are mainly under development or model phases. The cars do not have drivers and are reasonable enough to take you to your location by themselves.

Geared up with lots of gadgets like conditions of the road such speed breakers, pits, corners and doglegs and instantly process them at fast speeds. This info is passed to the controller which takes matching driving choices. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are essential elements of driverless cars.

Amazon Go

Amazon has always been a leader in including new innovations and the company hasn’t neglected IoT. After its effective online store, the company has now chosen to use IoT to back its retailers, which will have no cashiers or cash counters. Utilizing sensing units, online wallets and your account, computers and makers will take control of the traditional shops and still offer you an online shopping experience.

The store has counters of items set up like that of a typical grocery store. When you pick up an item, the sensing units right away include the item to your cart. When you keep it back, it gets removed. When you leave the store, the money is subtracted from your Amazon wallet and you can just stroll out from the store after shopping.

IoT environment


You would be having a fair concept of the wearable gadgets that are part of the IoT environment and we are sure you own a couple of items. Google’s popular Glass project got shelved however that hasn’t shut the possibilities of what the technology needs to provide. From FitBits to wise watches, anything you’re using that is linked to the web belongs to IoT. Through sensing units once again, these gadgets interact data to provide you most exact info on your needs.

Smart Residences

This is possibly the most popular benefits of IoT. Created to offer you optimal security and benefit, wise houses ensure you return to a paradise. Imagine switching on your air conditioner precisely 20 minutes before you reach your home for that best room temperature. Or, imagine recording your preferred show from any place you are and enjoying it later on. Benefit at its best?