How Do Dolby Atmos and Imax Get Differs?


How Do Dolby Atmos and Imax Get Differs?

Leall_Wita 2020-09-11

Everyone likes to watch the movies on the big screen that is theatres that is because of their quality and sound effects. The secrets behind those theatre screens are either Dolby Atmos or Imax. Now, these are two popular movie formats among the public for their better movie experience.

But both of these formats are not similar, to know about these formats the first thing you have to do is understand the difference between Dolby Atmos and Imax.

Screen comparison

While watching the movie in theatre both of these movie formats can give you an amazing movie experience but when it comes to the side by side comparison they get differs. On the comparison between Dolby Atmos versus Imax, the Dolby Atmos will have a huge edge that is the reason for their image and audio quality.

Image quality

When it comes to the Dolby Atmos vs Imax image quality the Dolby Atmos stands at first. This movie format is coming with four times the high resolution and 500 times in contrast ratio that makes them better in image quality. You cannot compare the Dolby vision technology projection at any cost in their standard as well as in their digital projections.


Still, the Imax will not stand behind in the race they are best with their dual laser projection technology, but most of the theatres only making use of 2k movie format. If possible, you have to experience watching the 4k dual projection movie format to get to enjoy the Imax image quality that helps you in knowing about one of the standard movie resolutions.

Audio quality

No doubt the Dolby Atmos wins the race when it reaches the audio quality. However, that does not mean the Imax will have the worst sound quality. On comparing both of these movie formats the Dolby Atmos seems to be better in their sound quality.

Final words

The Dolby Atmos is better than the Imax both in video quality and audio quality, but most of them still using the Imax to make the shooting. So based on your priority their position get varies.